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Title: Diving in Brisbane
Post by: Leslie L on 01 Nov 18, 15:02
Hi fellow divers, has anyone dived in Brisbane before? Is there anything to take note?

I will be there next week, already booked to dive in Ex-HMAS Brisbane (Sunshine coast) and North Stradbroke Island (hopefully going to Manta Bommie dive site).

Title: Re: Diving in Brisbane
Post by: alexlee on 02 Nov 18, 11:55
I went there 2 months ago... wanted to dive... but decided to miss it cos wife is not a diver... Give updates and post pic!!  :D :D
Title: Re: Diving in Brisbane
Post by: Leslie L on 12 Nov 18, 17:06
I have gotten so unfortunate. I have booked with 2 separate operators, 1 in Sunshine coast and 1 in North Stradbroke Island.

1. I have booked for a ex-HMAS Brisbane double dive for 8:30am in Sunshine coast a week ago. I received an email the day before the dive and it was still stated as 8:30am. However, after an hour and a half drive from Brisbane to Sunshine coast, the staff told me that the dive was 7:30am and boat had already left. Although they were able to arrange for another dive another day, that day was my 3rd last day. I could not arrange for another day and I had to give it a miss. They made a full refund and left me disappointed.

2. For the double dive in North Stradbroke Island, I booked a double dive a week before the trip for the 11:55am. When I was there, I received an email about changing the time from 11:55am to 6:45am. On the day I was in Sunshine coast (a day before the dive), I replied them that I could make it. They replied that the morning dive was already full and they could arrange me to Sunday morning dive. However, I will be returning to Singapore on Saturday evening. Therefore, in the end, they made a full refund and left me disappointed again.

An advice to anyone who is going to Australia for diving. Never trust their timing as they could change it any time. Plan your stay to be as close to the dive centre as possible a day before your dive in case they change the timing and you can still make immediate change of plan to suit their timing.

It was totally not a pleasant experience with the Aussie dive centre. I do not think that I will trust any of the dive centre there and avoid booking any dive with them in the near future