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Title: Yoga and Diving
Post by: Sparkle on 05 Jun 10, 18:22
Heard from someone recently that Yoga actually improve your air consumption when diving?

Any one out there who does Yoga and Diving ? Is there any truth in this?
Title: Re: Yoga and Diving
Post by: ScubaCat on 21 Aug 10, 19:30
Amazing but true. Apparently there is some truth to the myth that Yoga DOES decrease air consumption when diving.
Check out this link for the book "Yoga for Scuba Divers":
Title: Re: Yoga and Diving
Post by: Quero on 07 Sep 10, 17:39
It's mainly the breath control you get from yoga that helps. Once you are in a nice, slow rhythm of breathing, you relax, and when you are not stressed, your heart rate drops, and when your heart rate drops, you need less oxygen = improved air consumption. But the flexibility aspects of yoga training are also good for scuba divers.

I personally don't enjoy yoga classes (I find them boring and my mind wanders), but I have done enough of the training to learn how to breathe effectively, at least!
Title: Re: Yoga and Diving
Post by: misscherry on 01 Oct 10, 00:44
i have just started hot yoga, a couple of months back, has yet to scuba since then. perhaps, i'll find out my air consumption rate when i go to Pulau Dayang end Oct..! Will keep you posted..! ;)
Title: Re: Yoga and Diving
Post by: argonaut on 04 Oct 10, 14:24
Not only help in reduce the air consumption. It does help to newbie in their learning of scuba diving. My most recent experience is teaching 1q Yoga instructor and she is able to adapt to the breathing methods very quickly and through the Yoga concept she does relax and pick up very quickly.

Title: Re: Yoga and Diving
Post by: ART on 20 Oct 10, 02:03
My frens currently planning trips next year for both scuba diving & Yoga @ e same time.
Will advert upon confirmation.