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Title: Dive Shops in HK
Post by: Roxy on 30 Jul 10, 10:47
anyone know any shop in HK that has a good range of dive equipment? is it cheaper there?
Title: Re: Dive Shops in HK
Post by: Sparkle on 30 Jul 10, 23:48
Hi Roxy

You can visit this site for the list of dive shops in HK:

Been to a few dive shops in HK but can't remember which one are those. They do carry a wide range of equipments but I think the price is comparable to Singapore unless they are having a sale or discount on a particular product.

You can check the link and email some of the dive shops on the prices of the equipment you are looking for prior to your HK trip.

Hope this helps.
Title: Re: Dive Shops in HK
Post by: rentokil on 15 Aug 10, 02:28

Try pro dive, they stock a wide range of dive equipment. In terms of price, yes somethings can be comparable to Singapore but some things are much cheaper. Usually if you tell them you are from Singapore they will be very competitive in terms of discounts. Becareful though, I have found that somethings are much more expensive there even after a huge discount, think they mark up the RRP.

The best thing to do is, work out what you want or need, find out the price in Singapore and go there to compare. Like I said, certain items I bought were much cheaper in HK then SG. They do stock a shitload of stuff you can't find in Singapore too....

Happy Shopping!!!!

Title: Re: Dive Shops in HK
Post by: Roxy on 17 Aug 10, 15:25
thanks will check out prodive.  ;)
Title: Re: Dive Shops in HK
Post by: senate747 on 25 Sep 10, 21:54
I visited a dive shops in hong kong this year and the equipments ain cheap. I think most stuffs they had were more expensive than SG.