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Title: Links to other Website and Forums
Post by: Admin on 16 Aug 10, 17:17
I've received a few queries with regards to providing links to other website or forum. Yes, you can provide links to other website or forum if you deemed itís appropriate and the webpage linked to, is related to the discussion and will benefit everyone. The webpage linked to or even other forum threads can be any information to promote an event, gear promotions, photo contest, exhibition and other related information with regards to the diving industries.

However, if for some reason, ScubaSG Admin or Moderators or other Member feels that the link you provide is offensive or unrelated, you will be notify either in you post or your PM. And of course, if you are spamming the forum, your post will be removed automatically.

Lastly, as much as we want to be liberal here, please do note that if you are posting copyrighted materials or materials you do not own, please ensure that you have the permission to do so. ScubaSG will not be held responsible, should you get into legal suit or infringement.

If in doubt, please approach any of our friendly Moderators or Admin for clarifications.