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Title: Can an Advanced Open Water earn any money by working in a PADI Dive Center
Post by: DarylDixon on 18 Jan 19, 06:02
Hello everyone,,
I just got certified as an Advanced Open Water

They way i payed for it was basically working for free for a diving center in exchange for the Advanced certification.

Now, as far as things in my country work, Dive Watch Movies Online ( CyberGhost (  ExpressVPN ( Centers only hire -as in, actually hire, pay and make a deal with someone- Divemasters, anything below enters exclusively as an assistant and they simply won't pay you.

Is this the same in say Australia? I don't plan on becoming a Divemaster but i do plan on moving out to Australia and while i could easily just land a job as a waiter or a cook, i've done my good share of that and i'd happily work for a dive center in Australia as long as they pay me (Actual money).

Its a neat job and i'd love to have the experience of working in more professional and advanced country

Thanks for any insight!