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Title: Ocean of US Warrior Scott Cassell....
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Hi Divers,

If there are any diver you should take note of in June, it will be Scott Cassell himself as he is coming to Asia on a mission to contribute his efforts in saving the seas in Sipadan. He will be doing on a scientific trip to Sipadan sponsored by Luminox and together with Sharks Savers' scientists, they will be developing solutions to preserve the well being of Sharks in Sipadan.

Scott Cassell is an expert counter-terrorism operative and a consummate undersea explorer, someone who embraces danger as his everyday life.He has accumulated 12,000 hours underwater as a mixed-gas commercial diver, 20-plus-year veteran of rebreather technologies, U.S. Coast Guard-qualified submersible pilot, counterterrorism diver, U.S. Navy-qualified diving supervisor and diving medical technician.

For 15 years, Cassell was a principal investigator in field studies of Humboldt squid. His filmmaking and production credits include more than 35 television shows and documentaries broadcast on the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, MTV, Disney, Animal Planet, Spike TV, the BBC, and more. He has also led an expedition for National Geographic where he doubled as primary researcher.

Cassell also heads up two organizations – Sea Wolves and Underwater Voyager Project (UVP). Sea Wolves identifies and films criminals for prosecution for killing or maiming endangered aquatic species using SpecOps techniques, and UVP is a non-profit organization that explores the health of the oceans and why they are failing.

Luminox shares Cassell’s concern for the viability of the oceans, and is honored to partner with Cassell by helping to fund both of his organisations.

Scott will be in Singapore at June 13 for one ( ( ( day before he head over to Sipadan. Luminox is holding a Exclusive Diver night party at June 13 with free beer and food provided.

If you are interested to attend, kindly email your name, age, occupation and contact number to and we will send you information of the location and timing.

*This is a RSVP Event, people not on RSVP list will not be entertained