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Author Topic: Chinese diver dies at Similan  (Read 3467 times)


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Chinese diver dies at Similan
« on: 02 Dec 15, 18:57 »
I find it rather strange when the dive buddy didnt even realise her buddy is missing. Worse still, the boat didn’t even know that one of their diver was missing.

PHUKET: A Chinese diver died yesterday during a dive trip with Similan Seven Sea Co Ltd at Koh Bon, Similan National Park.

Zhang Lin, 23, was found floating unresponsive at a depth of about 11.9 meters by divers from another dive company.

“Ms Zhang was found with her regulator no longer in her mouth by divers from Khao Lak Scuba Adventures,” said Phang Nga Marine Police Chief Jakkree Mekumphonsuit.

The divers pulled Ms Zhang onto their boat to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and administer oxygen while staff contacted the dive boat that Ms Zhang was with.

“Staff from Similan Seven Sea Co’s Peter Pan didn’t seem to know that the woman was even missing,” said a Khao Lak Scuba Adventures staff member, who asked not to be named. “As far as we know, Ms Zhang became separated from her friend when they went out diving without a dive master.”

It is unclear where Ms Zhang’s diving buddy was at the time of the incident. However, diving standards require certified recreational divers to always dive in teams in case of an emergency.

“After analyzing her dive watch, it seems that Ms Zhang had been struggling in shallow water for quite a long time before sinking down to the depth where she was found,” the staff member said. “Her tank showed a remaining pressure of about 15 bars, an indication that she may have been panicking and breathing deeply before she passed out.”

Ms Zhang was transported to Tai Muang Chaipat Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival by doctors.

Police contacted Similan Seven Sea Co Ltd owner Tongkan Worapanya in order to question him about the incident and check on the company’s documentation.

As of Saturday morning, attempts made by the Phuket Gazette to contact Mr Tongkan for comment were unsuccessful.

“We are now trying our best to investigate what happened,” Col Jakkree said. “We do know that Ms Zhang signed a waiver with the company stating that she had no underlying health issues." Col Jakkree added.

Doctors have yet to verify a cause of death. -
See more at: http://www.phuketgazette.net/phuket-news/Chinese-diver-dies-Similan-National-Park/62473
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Re: Chinese diver dies at Similan
« Reply #1 on: 02 Dec 15, 21:13 »
RIP to the victim..

there has been a few incidents over the last couple of weeks..
a french diver died while diving in Gili in Lombok.. i read he fainted while doing safety stop and brought up to the surface by the guide but too late.
then within the last one week we have 2 incidents in raja ampat.. one was a divemaster who was caught in strong current and was found later underwater still holding on to his steel pointer/ reef hook ...

and another diver on LOB with black manta is still missing while diving in misol   

so dive safe folks..


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Re: Chinese diver dies at Similan
« Reply #2 on: 03 Dec 15, 13:57 »
Lets wait for the facts before spreading too many rumours. Don't trust a thing you read in the Thai news, or anything that comes out of a Thai 'investigation', I know this all too well. Could be damaging for companies and individuals if false 'facts' are spread around before we know what happened.

Dive safe people!


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Re: Chinese diver dies at Similan
« Reply #3 on: 03 Dec 15, 14:33 »
RIP. Unfortunately, for most accidents, we don't have a chance to know the facts at last.

From the public information disclosed by Chinese, Thai media/ dive professionals, the girl's buddy was also her close friend/PADI DM/one of the trip organizers chartered the boat/a dive shop owner in Vietnam. The boat also claimed no diving stuff from the them were involved in that group (they led their own).

For the reason why the girl was lost while none realized, source said that the girl's buddy asked her to ascend alone when she was low on air. When they finished the dive, they thought the girl was on board already and forgot her until received the call from other boat who found her body. Since they led their own group, the boat didn't realize the girl was lost either. It's just unverified information. Hope they can give some explanation to public.


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Re: Chinese diver dies at Similan
« Reply #4 on: 10 Dec 15, 16:20 »
wow. im shocked cos i went with Khao Lak scuba adventures in february for diving.
the team is very good they make sure everyone is accounted.