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Author Topic: "Sidemount" with a backplate? Any potential issues?  (Read 332 times)


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I've been attracted by sidemount for a while now (just seems like a more comfortable experience) but not 100% sold. I did, though, just get two AL40 stage/pony bottles. Once I get comfortable with diving them tandem with my backgas, can anyone think of a reason I can't just leave my main tank off and go "sidemount" diving with tankless backplate and wing? I know it won't be a perfect imitation of sidemount but I'm very curious to try it.

I dive with sidemount folks regularly so I'm comfortable with procedures and mechanics. I'm curious if anyone can think of a reason this is a bad idea and/or I've overlooked something from a gear/equipment perspective. Only issue I can think of is trim trickiness but I've got plenty of bolt-able weight I can put nearly anywhere on my plate so I don't think that should be too troublesome once I give it a go in the shallows.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Edit: To clarify, I'm under no delusions that diving stage bottles with a tankless BPW makes me a sidemount diver. I'm interested in a dive or two to see if I find a vague approximation of the system annoying and more painful for my personal health conditions (non-dive-dangerous, just pain-inducing after a long day; yes, I've talked to my physician about it and diving) or the opposite. This is simply a low-res approximation of the style to see if there's anything that I specifically don't like about the methodology overall, certainly not a regular habit.


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Re: "Sidemount" with a backplate? Any potential issues?
« Reply #1 on: 06 Apr 19, 21:34 »
Side mount BCD is difference from back mount BCD, I am not sure whether did I understand your message correctly, if you just hang the tanks at the side of of BCD, it is not really called side mount. Side mount BCD has special rings near should blade to pull the tank close to body and there are hooks at the Bartok to hock the tanks. For side mount, you can use 2 AL40 tanks or 2 AL80 tanks. It is not common that dive center have AL40 tanks. it will not be convenient to bring your 2 tanks with your dive trips. And filling the tank will be an issue. Unless you are going on LOB.

Not sure dive center provide 2 tanks without extra charge or not?

I like to dive side mount because I can carry extra tank, and the group who dive with me will be happy to know that I carry extra tank. Usually I keep the right (second tank) at 100Bar, usually do not need to recharge for the whole trip because I never get to use it, my main tank is usually enough.

Come visit my booth (Andaman Tritan) during ADEX, we can discuss about it, and we also conducts side mount courses during our LOB.