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Author Topic: short shallow freedives yesterday, now bloody nose/phlegm  (Read 268 times)


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Hello everyone,,
Yesterday I was doing some volunteer work for a local organization restoring reefs. I was freediving at like 8ft. Easy peazy right?

Well, I was using a spare mask I had in a closet (not my usual dive mask which I currently have in a locker off site), it kind of hurt/ put pressure at the top of my nose (where it meets between the eyes). Just after helping out I went home and blew my nose and it was bloody. I cleared my sinuses after a few blows and it was ok for the rest of the evening. But I woke up this morning and I had bloody phlegm. I took it to mean that the bloody mucus just trickled downward over night. It is now noon and I still have spotty red chunky phlegm and mucus. I will admit that I was shooting up to the service fast yesterday. I'm not used to freediving and my lungs need practice. I am out of air in like 12 seconds underwater doing the light work I was doing so I'd come up fast b/c I was out of breath.

Assuming this is sinus squeeze. This has never happened to me before scuba diving. I have no issues equalizing on long dives when on compressed air. I was supposed to go out (scuba) diving this morning but I'm going to wait several more days before doing so.

Any advice on how I can help speed up the healing process? The area at the top of my nose feels sore when I touch it. Maybe it's just a burst capillary from an ill-fitting mask and gravity is bringing it down the back of my throat? IDK, I feel fine otherwise but I'll avoid submerging my face in pool or salt water to avoid infection.

Thanks for any info you might have.

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