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Author Topic: 'Hostility' fears over South China Sea disputed waters  (Read 1325 times)


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Just as I about to go Layang Layang and this sh*t has to happen. Why cant we all be friends and enjoy diving with hammerheads? Obviously no one care about the hammies.

The number of hostile incidents between maritime forces in the South China Sea has "increased dramatically" in recent years, according to the International Crisis Group.

The organisation says the disputed waters, in areas like the Spratly Islands, are now a major flashpoint for a potential conflict that could draw in both China and the US.

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I may be Chinese... but China's claim of the whole of South China Seas is totally ridiculous to me... how could any one nation claim that much international waters  >:(
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Coz it is call South China Sea. Then India can claim the whole of India ocean also ? =p


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In fact not only China, Vietnam & Philippines also claimed the whole lot Spratly Islands belong to them. According to statistic show, presently Vietnam occupied 29 islands, Philippines 9, Malaysia 3, China 8 and Brunei 0. Brunei not interested? No, because the country too small not enough military power to do the job.

So why everybody want those tiny islands for? Is all about the treasures in the deep sea. Oil, Gas and marine life. Especially the oil, since in 70’s being discovered, the disputes getting from bad to worse, already many warfare happened for this.

Maybe we should invite all involved countries to Layang Layang, everybody relax a bit under the sun have a beer. Bring them to see how grand when school of hammerhead swim together. They might be inspired by the hammie that they should bond together instead fighting each other. Who know next time they will build more dive resort in that region for us to dive? Hahaha…. Wake up!