Author Topic: 8 Diver missing in Bali  (Read 6114 times)


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Re: 8 Diver missing in Bali
« Reply #20 on: 06 Jul 12, 12:43 »
The news i heard from the locals is that they were diving at Mangrove, not blue corner, and mangrove is one of the safest sites in the area, because the point where you decent is usually max depth of 18m, and gently slope downward, unless you swim outward into the deep or oblivious to the current pushing you downward. Even when going into the deeper side, the last time i tried, i went into deco before i can reach 40m. This shows how far it is.
But from my understanding, the group were from Tulamben, which explained why they only got into the water at about 4pm, and they have to finish the dives so that they can go back to Tulamben in time.
That is why i always believe in diving with the dive centres at Nusa Lembongan instead of Bali itself, because the guys at Nusa Lembongan knows the sites and timing better.
Btw, i will be heading to Nusa Lembongan on the 12-14. Anyone will be there during that period?


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Re: 8 Diver missing in Bali
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one of the local news with the names of divers:

Sakenan and next site SD are usually dived for a drift. from couple times i dived there, current were pretty strong, but relatively safe as the sites are shallow slopes and the current were horizontal, either Northeast or Southwest bound. however, as these sites are located in the Northeast tip of Lembongan, in some occassions when the current behaves differently, diver may be caught at the wrong direction: instead flowing to the channel between Lembongan and Ceningan, one may be flowing to bigger channel between Ceningan and Penida. what happened to these divers seems to be the later.

again, i am so glad things turn up well. but i can't deny that this kind of things always reminds me (in good and rather sombre way) that diving is a risky stuff. safe dive at all times. but if things happened to me, at least i exit doing thing i dearly love in the arms of mother nature.

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Re: 8 Diver missing in Bali
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translated from the news: Jakarta 8 divers foreign nationals (foreigners) who previously reported on the missing sink Bali Nusa Lembongan found. The eight divers were found in good health by a fishing trawler. "It has been found. condition all are safe and healthy," said rescue workers Sudayana London told AFP on Friday (07/06/2012). Sudayana said eight divers were found in at 20:40 pm. Then successfully docked to the mainland at around 04.00 pm. "His position is located at 11 miles towards the south, Nusa Penida. Discovered by Marine Resources KM 01, fishing boat fishing," he explained. eight divers are also not taken to the hospital. They felt no one was hurt and need special care. "Back to the hotel respectively. Not to the hospital because they do not want to," he said. Earlier 12 people were foreign tourists diving in the area of Nusa Lembongan, Bali. Of the 12 divers, eight divers are submerged on Thursday (5/7) afternoon. Eight people missing foreigners drowned while diving in Sakenan precisely, Mangrove Lembongan, Bali. Here are the names of 12 foreign nationals who perform these dives: diver who survived: 1. Dutchman Rafael 2. German Florience 3. Carolin French 4. Brazilian Andrean. diver missing: 1. Francois Habercorn 2. Legrand Thibeault 3. Crain Mauren 4. Kelly Fernandez 5. Sara Harrop 6. ndrea Muachelli 7. Kate Dellon 8. Alina Hermann. Eight people came from Germany and France. (MPR / MPR)
just dive...


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8 Diver missing in Bali
« Reply #23 on: 08 Jul 12, 16:04 »
when even air bubbles r sucked down.. Inflating ur bcd will get u dragged down even faster due to increased drag!  :D

Just stick close to reef and be ready to hang on to reef. :-

If the rest of the group, esp the DM, drifts away, should me and my buddy drift along or hang on to the reef? I guess I'm wondering which is the lesser risk. Hanging on would mean getting separated from the group and have to ascend on our own, probably against strong currents, while drifting away as a group at least ensures we have some company with us. Any advice?
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