Author Topic: Diving with long & lovely mane  (Read 2578 times)


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Diving with long & lovely mane
« on: 18 May 10, 00:23 »
I have long straight hair and after diving, it always turn out to be one big tangled mess.

How do ladies divers (or man) deal with their long mane? I tried to use a bandana but it doesn't seem to secure it tight.

Any advise?  ???


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Re: Diving with long & lovely mane
« Reply #1 on: 18 May 10, 05:32 »
I use a Bandana too.... mainly to shield my balding head from the sun.  ;D

Saw a few Biking friends use this 'Socks' like called Buff Headwear....

watch the demo here -

Hope this helps....
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