Author Topic: First Pan-Pacific Freediving competition 2015: Calling all freedivers!  (Read 2432 times)

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The Aussies are planning to a regional freediving competition in Brisbane next year (2015) and have invited all the neighboring countries (including us).

I'm thinking of going and would be keen to form a SG team. wouldn't want to get lonely  ;D 

If you're interested, post here or pm me and we can move on from there. I can also advise on a training regime or development plan


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Certainly keen. A novice but always up for a new experience!

Available categories:
Static Apnea
Dynamic Apnea with Fins
Dynamic Apnea without Fins

Keen to apply for both Dynamic Apnea categories but I've never really broken the 3min mark (Static), 60m mark (DwF) or 40m (DwoF) consistently . Been only training on my own since picking up the sport a year ago in Perth.

For starters. Differentiating dynamic and static apnea.
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