Author Topic: Buying BCD before OW  (Read 4660 times)


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Buying BCD before OW
« on: 04 Oct 16, 01:33 »
Dear seniors...just a quick question...i have been scouting the forum for a reputable school to do my OW...something I wanted to do for many many years now.
Would it be better if I were to get my own equipment for my OW so that I will be familiar using my own equipment from the start.
Own equipment as in BCD regulator and the works.
There is THAT question of whether I will be hooked and continue on or as I have seen many friends in the past...become a passing phase in their lives.
I might come accross as having some issues but nonetheless I always feel secure having my own equipment from the first day I go into something. Plus I do travel alot in a year and would love to travel/dive using my own equipment.
Anyone had gone through this before....your advise and comments are appreciated.
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Re: Buying BCD before OW
« Reply #1 on: 04 Oct 16, 01:46 »
excitement... if u see that u are going thru OW, AOW n some move dive i think is ok.. like me got the gear after AOW because planning LOB.. then after now.. thinking to sell my BCD n gear...
hardly dive now.. if you are interested .. u can app me at 98596262. my gear is still very new...
guess the most important thing to get is the dive computer..!u will need it at AOW n personal trip...


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Re: Buying BCD before OW
« Reply #2 on: 04 Oct 16, 01:58 »
I'm more of a practical person. Diving equipment don't come cheap (at least to me).

It will cost at least $1.5k to get your own set of BCD and Regulator, so I would make sure I am damn sure diving is something I like before committing to it.

But of course, if $1.5k is disposable income to you, by all means go and get your own equipment! Like you said, having your own equipment makes you more comfortable from day 1 and allows you to learn better. If diving doesn't pan out like you thought, then you would have only lost 1.5k plus some course fees (which is small change considering you think 1.5k is small change).

Just be sure to find some one you can trust to recommend something that suits your needs and preferences. I have yet to see any dive shop owners be totally objective and not pushing sales of stock that they carry.


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Re: Buying BCD before OW
« Reply #3 on: 04 Oct 16, 04:09 »
The only gear that you'll really need your own copy of is a dive computer. Exposure suit, mask and fins are also useful to have. For things like BCDs and regulators, it's better to go with rental equipment for now, and buy your own later when you've figured out what type you prefer. You won't know if you'll like a jacket-style BCD/backplate+wing/anything else until you've tried and compared the various options.

Very often, people buy all sorts of brand new gear and then realize they don't use it all that much. Traveling with scuba gear can be a pain in the butt because it's so heavy and bulky.

I'd recommend waiting until at least after your OW to get your own set of gear :)
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Re: Buying BCD before OW
« Reply #4 on: 04 Oct 16, 07:27 »
Do not recommend you get any dive gears, even if you are rich and could afford it, until you have done and finish your OWD course and decided to start diving from there on. No point buying some gears you think you can get familiar with.... only to find out you prefer some sort of other gears later in your diving 'journey' as you gain experience.

The only dive gear I would suggest... is maybe a special custom made dive mask, should you have vision issue... mine is fitted with lenses for Presbyopia (aka 老花眼) which help me see my guages, dive comp and the setting on my camera...

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Re: Buying BCD before OW
« Reply #5 on: 04 Oct 16, 07:40 »
No point. You don't even know if your body is accustomed to diving, be it from shore or the boat. Suggest to go through the experience first and if you like it, you can start sinking your money into the diving gears.

Of course, if you have moola to burn, then you can always get first. But if you don't like the experience, have fun selling.


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Re: Buying BCD before OW
« Reply #6 on: 04 Oct 16, 08:05 »
I think the only thing is mask (+ snorkel), you can go snorkelling with it at least. The rest....better when you are hooked to it first.


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Re: Buying BCD before OW
« Reply #7 on: 04 Oct 16, 08:43 »
U may wish to consider Backplate BCD

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Re: Buying BCD before OW
« Reply #8 on: 04 Oct 16, 08:46 »
Lemme tell ya why I own my own gear, ESPECIALLY the regs and wetsuit. One simple reason: rental gear is disgusting.

Imagine all those people with their various oral and bodily peculiarities chewing and tonguing and salivating all over the reg's mouthpiece and peeing inside the wetsuit...and it's highly unlikely the dive companies will take the time to properly clean their gear, given that there are so many to clean.

Now imagine you sticking that mouthpiece into your mouth or squeezing into that pee-stained wetsuit that will wrap itself tightly around your body.

Granted I didn't buy any gear for my OW (I didn't know any better) but after that, you can be very sure I immediately  did.

But having said that, I think it's a financial risk to get anything for you OW course as you can't be sure you'll stick with diving after that. :)


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Re: Buying BCD before OW
« Reply #9 on: 04 Oct 16, 09:48 »
The only reason not to buy your equipment before your OW course is monetary-- the risk that you either buy something that isn't right for you (jacket or back-inflate BCD, jet fins or split fins or other brands, etc) or you may choose not to continue diving.

There are many good reasons why having your own equipment for the OW would be a good idea. Getting your own BCD is a good idea if you are an odd size. If you don't fit in the usual S/M/L sizes and usually find yourself in between sizes or need XXXXXL or XXXXXXS, then there is a high chance the rental BCD won't fit you well. If it doesn't fit well, you will find that it is more of a hindrance and you will be struggling during the open water dives.

I think the gear that most affects your first diving experience would be the mask, fins, and maybe BCD. If you get a mask that doesn't fit and it keeps flooding, you're not going to enjoy the dive. If you keep getting blisters from the fins and are flailing about, not going to enjoy it either.

So if cost is not a problem, go ahead and get what you want. No harm, just get the shop assistants to help you find the right fit for you. Important to buy at the shop if you don't know what you need.