Author Topic: Cataferry - New Ferry Operator in Tioman?  (Read 1911 times)


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Cataferry - New Ferry Operator in Tioman?
« on: 26 May 17, 09:44 »
Good day all.

Has anyone used for trips to Tioman? They apparently use a Catamaran and it looks more comfortable than the old ferry other companies uses.

Please share your experience if you have used them before.
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Re: Cataferry - New Ferry Operator in Tioman?
« Reply #1 on: 14 Jul 17, 16:49 »
Cataferry ticket is double the price of the new ferry. RM144 for return trip economy class. You get to print the boarding pass after you book the ticket online. Just need to be at Tanjong Gemok jetty, 20 minutes before departure time to board the ferry. I was not asked to pay for the marine conservation fees too. You can choose your seat number during the booking online, just like how you choose seat when you book for air ticket.

The ferry is more comfortable and clean compared to the old ferry, more leg room. The double hull catamaran also provide a smoother sail especially during when the sea condition is rough.

However, please take note that Tekek will be the last stop for this ferry, so it would take approx 2 hours from Tanjong Gemok to Tekek, Tioman.