Author Topic: Diving after Stroke  (Read 3217 times)


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Diving after Stroke
« on: 15 Dec 17, 09:29 »
Would like to get information on diving after a stroke - so far the information I've found via googling are based overseas.

Has anyone here returned to diving after a stroke episode? Does a person have to go to a doctor specialising in dive medicine to get clearance?
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Re: Diving after Stroke
« Reply #1 on: 16 Dec 17, 13:32 »
I would recommend getting a medical assessment.
What kind of stroke was it and what were the pre-disposing factors?
Are you on any medications now?  Blood thinners, anti-hypertensive medications, etc. can all potentially create issues for a diver in a boat/underwater/exercising environment.
Things like patent foramen ovale which pre-dispose to stroke also pre-dispose to arterial gas embolism and DCI.
How's your functional recovery after the stroke?  Are you able to be fully independent underwater, reach all your gear, will you be able to be a safe buddy and rescue your buddy if he/she develops any emergencies underwater?

Think a dive physician who understands all the requirements of diving will be best.  A regular GP/non dive-medicine trained Doc would probably just ban you from diving.
A dive physician will evaluate you wholistically, and perhaps sign you off without limitations if you are truly ok; or advise on diving within certain limits (e.g. no high current drift dives, no tech diving, diving in 3s/with greater supervision) if required and allowable.