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Hello everyone,,
Over the years as a scuba professional I have found myself in disagreement with several decisions made by some of the big certification agencies. Standards, in some cases, are rewritten not for safety, but for economic reasons. Today, while checking some price sheets, I realized that out of a $400ish Open Water course price, close to half of that goes to the certification agency, between materials and certification. Instructor fees have increased quite a bit in the last couple of years too. All of that for a name. Insurance in the US is almost hitting $800 a year now. All these prices seem to be going up way faster than inflation and it's not easy to pass on the increase to the students, nor I find it fair.

Some new players come into the certification agency market here and there, but they do not seem to make much of a dent on the big ones as they do not bring much of an added value to the status quo. New instructors keep flocking to one of the 2 or 3 big agencies, because they know it's what people want.

I'd like to hear ideas as to what people think would be a game changer in this industry, bringing it to the 21st century in a more efficient way that would improve margins, so certifications can be priced more competitively, leaving a bit more money in the instructor's pockets, or even the students.

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