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Author Topic: Going on autonomous diving with PADI open water  (Read 681 times)


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I am currently going through the PADI open water diver certification right now (in Bahrain), and it is really the first time I've been learning about diving, and the sea dives that are part of the certification will be my first dives. I already feel like I'm gonna love diving, and my roommate here has his open water diver certification as well. If I'm not mistaken, both having the open water certification allows us to go diving together without supervision, up to 18 meters.

However, talking about it with a coworker who has had multiple diving experiences, he told me I should reconsider and stick to supervised diving for a good time until I go diving in autonomy.
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Re: Going on autonomous diving with PADI open water
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If you just get a tank and with your own setup, just jump into the sea, no one will stop you and it is not against the law. But if you go diving with any dive center, they might not allow you to do it, unless both of you are very experience divers. dive center also don't want trouble should anything happen to their divers. It is also dangerous if both of you are not familiar with the dive sites.