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  • ScubaSG Movie Screening: 12 Dec 10

Author Topic: Complimentary Tickets to ScubaSG's Exclusive Movie Screening  (Read 10503 times)


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Thanks for the movie.  :D


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Too early for speech!  :D

Next time, I will prepare a Grammy Award type speech ok!

Agreed about the pre-screening mingling and talk :)
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A knight in shining armour rescue a damsel in distress”, that’s what Sammy adventures seem to me! HAHA.

The story started with an old turtle sharing about his fifty year journey through the sea. The romance and bromance encounters were pumped up with a little of actions; the seagulls fighting for prey, the fishermen getting their catch of the day and of course all the hiding and running from the sharks and piranhas.

It was an astonishingly crafted animation! I had this burning desire to dive!  ;) ;) hey buddy!  ;D

P.S. I do agree that there should be a reception or something. Or do you have any upcoming plans for the divers to mingle and share diving experience?  :D 
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Orhhh can have a kopi o session..... :o scubasg
Chalet?? Haha i think thats a bit big.Maybe a coffee session at any cOffeeshop in sg :)
Easy to organize also! Poor DIN i think he"s quite shag after organizing these events :-* ( i am straight lah!) ::)
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Just wondering, did you guys watch it in 3D or normal?
Worth catching the show in 3D??

A gathering of sorts is always good... :D
maybe can have one end of the year to give out the tee-shirts and stuff like that.
Bring out your diving gears, your UW photography gears and share your experiences.

free lessons for all!! :)
including me.


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I've watched both 2D and 3D for Sammy's Adventures.
Definately 3D!

The 3D effects are really good. One of the better ones with the images coming out at you instead of just having depth for the visuals.

You can read Din's review on the 3D version here:


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Yup.. those who miss diving during this season can go 'dive' at the cinema in 3D..

After that, your dive log should look something like this..

Dive type: Turtle watch
vis: >50m..
max depth: unkown (unlimited NDL)..
water temperature: -10~30 deg C..
bottom time: 120 mins?   ;D ;D ;D
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Wow seems that everyone had fun! Wished kenburger and I could be there! There is always the next time right Din? :)