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Travel Insurance Coverage
« on: 14 May 10, 11:57 »
Does anyone know if our usual travel insurance (Eg AIG, NTUC Income etc) covers decompression chamber?
What else does these travel insurance cover pertaining to diving?
Is it necessary to get a DAN diving insurance in addition to our usual insurance?


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Re: Travel Insurance Coverage
« Reply #1 on: 14 Jun 10, 18:29 »
For AIG , the Travel insurance covers sports (including Diving) that is done LEISURE.

So technically they cover medical charges for decompression illness (DCI), which includes both arterial gas embolism (AGE) and decompression sickness (DCS) as well as emergency evacuation.

But the maximum amount you can claim is based on the amount that you are covered under.

However if you are doing your OW and you get into any accident, you will not be entitled to any claim as you are not diving leisurely, you are diving to obtain a certificate

I have attached the terms and condition for the travel insurance.

Do refer to actual wordings for Term and condition as attached.