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Scuba Diving Courses / Re: Padi Specialty Diver Course
« Last post by Bravotiger on 13 Dec 18, 16:04 »

Is it necessary to take up "Specialty course", since AOW had cover Deep and Nav?

Hi all,

We have an opening for upcoming raja ampat trip  on 21-27 Dec 2018. It is very last minute because we have a diver just dropped out of the trip.

The price is $1400 SGD, price excluding flights and gears and marine fee (1 million rupiah for foreginers, 500k rupiah for locals).

The boat is Blue Dragon (
This is a personal trip and we are just trying to help our friend get some of her money back, which is why it is very cheap.

We will also be going to some of the land sites for your IG collections  ;).

Only ONE slot available and it will be first come first serve basis.

DM to diver ratio is 1:4

The day-to-day trip is as follows:

On arrival Sorong Airport our crew will be waiting for you in the arrival hall, after collecting your luggage we will escort you to the harbour where our tender boats will take you out to the Blue Dragon and our friendly crew will greet you with a cold refreshing towel and drink. This will be followed by cabin allocation and boat orientation. When all guests are on board the Cruise Director will give you a presentation about the Blue Dragon and diving recommendations. Depending on departure time there may be an opportunity to have a check dive just outside Sorong Harbour. Lunch and dinner will be served during the sail out to South Raja Ampat (12hrs)

One of the many fascinating diversities of Raja Ampat, with some of the most amazing land scapes imaginable, deep mangroves to ravines and canyons, the Misool Islands have been shaped by the powerful forces of nature, underwater the vibrant variety of colour of the hard corals / soft corals / fish species is wonderful. Diving at the Boo Windows, Nudi Rock, Goa Farundi and Magic Mountain (Reef Bayangan) are just some of the awesome sites you can see.

More great examples of Raja Ampats diversity. The Penemu Islands very recently became an Marine Protected Area and we spend most of our time here in the M.P.A. Melissa's Garden has probably the best complete coral coverage you will ever see and no visit to these islands is complete without seeing the Hidden Bay

The morning dives are at Manta Sandy where we regularly see the Black / White and the all Black Manta Rays come to cleaned. This famous site now has a line of dead coral where guests line up and watch the show. Third dive is a beautiful coral / fish dive close to Arborek Island where guests can also have a sun set walk on the beach before the fourth / night dive at the village jetty

Finishing off your great trip with two shallow dives in the Dampier Strait which has some great action packed fish dives, like Cape Kri and Blue Magic. After your busy diving schedule has come to a sad end we will have a lazy afternoon on Pulau Pasir (Sand Island) before returning to Sorong

After breakfast the Cruise Director will escort the guests to either the airport / hotel and will assist with checking in. Sorry to say that your Sea Papua Raja Ampat trip has come to an end and we look forward to welcoming you on board again.

* Notes* :

- The total number of dives can be reduced depend on the weather and the sea condition. Itinerary can also be changed depends on our arrival time.

- Sailing Itineraries and daily programs are subject to change due to weather and sea conditions, availability of safe anchorage, government regulations and other factor. Every effort will be made to carry out the program as planned. Program changes may take place during the cruise to take advantage of local cultural events, to adapt to sailing conditions, or in response to other factors


Side note:
Although the trip is on the 21st, we recommend to arrive on the 20th (leaving 19th night) because the arriving flight to sorong is not great.

Some options for flight to Sorong:
Option 1 (19th Dec - 20th Dec)
SIN - JKT (QZ-269), 21:55 -- 22:40
JKT - SOQ (ID-6288), 05:35 (+1) -- 13:05 (1 transit in Makassar)

Option 2 (20th Dec - 21st Dec)
SIN - SOQ (GA-837, GA-658, GA-698), 17:45 -- 06:45 (+1) (2 transit in Jakarta, Makassar)

Please do not arrive later than 6:45 flight.

Notify me if you are interested or need more info, but I can only confirm your slot once payment for trip and the marine fee is completed.

Letting go a used sea and sea YS-D1 strobe in good condition @ $500 (no diffuser). Used for about 30 dives. WhatsApp me at 94382121
Singapore & Malaysia / Re: Singapore to Perhentian islands
« Last post by jchantw on 12 Dec 18, 23:23 »
Thanks very much for your kind reply.. that's exactly what I was looking for to get to the Perhentian islands! Have a Merry Christmas! :)
Singapore & Malaysia / Re: Singapore to Perhentian islands
« Last post by theodorews on 12 Dec 18, 22:56 »

You can take an overnight bus from Larkin (Johor Bahru) to Kuala Terengganu. Here's my usual route:

1) Singapore --> Larkin (JB)  -- SBS bus 170

2) Larkin (JB) --> Jerteh         -- there are many bus providers doing this route, usually terminating at Kota Bahru passing by Jerteh/Jertih. I always take the one around 8/9PM reaching Jerteh at 6/7AM. Can check for example

3) Jerteh --> Kuala Besut Jetty    -- taxi (20-30MYR)

4) Kuala Besut Jetty --> Perhentian Island  -- speedboat (75MYR)

It's definitely a long journey, but I find it okay as I can reach Perhentian by 9/10AM and on the last day I can do 2/3 dives and leave by the 4PM boat back to Kuala Besut before taking the 10PM bus back from Jerteh to JB.

Else you can consider flying to Kota Bahru (1-2hrs away from Kuala Besut) but I think it's not so convenient and kinda expensive too.

Hope this helps :)
Scuba Diving Courses / Padi Specialty Diver Course
« Last post by scubapro116 on 12 Dec 18, 18:43 »
Detailed Course Structure / Continue Education
Specialty course could be 1 day course (3 dives) or 2 days course (6 dives)
1) Price incluisve of certification and training materials.
2) Experience instructors accompany for training and guidance.
3) Place of training, Thailand, Phuket (Kok Phi Phi/Ko Bida/Hin Bida)
4) For deep diver, min advance diver with 30 dives clock..(Max: 40m)
5) Wreck Diver: Wreck to visit is king Crusier wreck (Shark Point/ Anemone Reef)

courses avalible :
Deep Diver
Wreck Diver
Search and Recovery diver
Enriched Air Diver
Night Diver
Sidemount Diver
Underwater Navigator
Self-Reliance Diver

:"One day dive trips", upon Request.
Fish ID, Boat Diver, Diver Propulsion Vehicle, Drift Diver, U/W Digital Photographer / Videographer, Multilevel, Underwater Naturalist,Peak Performance Buoyancy, Equipment Specialist.

interested: please email in ScubaSG or whatsup: +6583427165
Selling a brand new Aquako Macro Lens III 2.2x
comes with M52-M64 adoptor
interested please contact Eric @ 81362446
selling a brand new subsee +10 diopter macro len

interested please contact Eric @ 81362446
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