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Selling a very lightly used Mares Abyss MR22 regulator set with Mares instinct octopus and mission 2 console. Used for less than 10 dives. Selling due to under use.  Link to add below. Letting go for $850 (brand new set costs about 1.3-1.4k) Negotiable to sincere buyers.
Personally, i am also looking for the new fellow divers and I fully intend to take up AOW soon.
The Similan and Surin Islands are some of Thailand's most popular dive destinations. Most of the visitors to these islands do so on liveaboard dive boats, but it is possible to catch a speedboat and dive the same sites while staying in mainland Thailand.
South East Asia / Locations for JOWD
« Last post by Aling on 08 Jan 19, 17:53 »
I intend to bring my boy, who has a JOWD and currently 13years old, for his leisure ocean dives.
Any recommendations?
I've always dived to my AOWD max depths so a little unsure where he could dive in somewhat clearer waters than Bintan.
Like him to be able to see the stuff, as water visibility was not good when he got his JOWD at Rawa.
Maldives is too far away.
JOWD max depth is 12m for his age group.
Used Suunto D6i Black for sale
Around 3.5yrs old
Some light scratches on the bezel but no scratch on the glass.
Just serviced by Suunto Finland with all buttons changed., so all buttons are smooth.
Includes a new battery.
Installed with Zulu adapter and comes with 2 brand new Zulu straps. One black and one maroon, worth S$150.
Comes with original cable too.
No more original strap
No box.
Asking for $500
Probably there it is a standard charge for any online refund process. The same happen to me before on some other purchase. It would be nice for a full refund if they have mentioned in any of their website.

Or it could be part of the Electronic funds transfer where the admin charges should be checked as "back charge to the sender" and was not done by them.

As for the operator, I did the same before without any cancellation. Their dive operation and service is good as far as I have experienced and compared with most of the LOB I had tried in Phuket, Hin D/Muang, Gulf of Thailand, Phi Phi Ö etc. don't let this silly administrative issue affect a good trip.

gclub มือถือรับแทงบอลออนไลน์
So, what do you think?  Do you agree? Thanks again to share articles like these, I have come across.
Classifieds: Scuba Diving Equipment / Apeks Flight (Tungsten)
« Last post by sibingai on 05 Jan 19, 23:09 »
Here is a used set of APEKS Flight
DIN 1st stage
About 40 dives to it.
Set includes
Apeks 2 console gauge(DG & PG) in metric
Yoke Din Adapter(new)
Selling at $720

Free delivery to you once deposit of $50 is paid.
Scuba Talk / Searching for open water diving buddy (Feb 2019)
« Last post by ScubaJ on 04 Jan 19, 23:39 »
Hi. I'm hoping to go for an open water diving course this year. Aiming to travel during the CNY Week (Anytime between 2-10 Feb). Thinking of doing in somewhere near Bali. Is anyone out there interested?
Dive Computer, Dive Watch & Bottom Timer / Re: Garmin Descent
« Last post by j3d1 on 04 Jan 19, 16:02 »
Lasted me 5 days of normal use including exercise tracking. With GPS while running every other day lasted me 3 days.
Diving lasted me 3 days of 2 dives a day.

Great dive watch/computer. I love the app integration that you can show other divers on your phone.
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