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Still for sale!!
I have cost sharing LOB trip to Cendrawasih Bay with Kura Besi Explorer.
It starts from Manokwari, West Papua, Indonesia and finish in Manokwari.

Now, We have 7 pax and this trip is a sure go.
Max. 12 pax and we need 5 more to get discount and it will be shared among all the pax.

Trip cost is IDR 21,000,000.

Activites: (Max 18 dives) 3 dives/day, snorkeling, island visit, cultural experience.

Price Incld: Fullboard Meals and Accommodation (Twin/Double Bed), Dive Tank+Air fill, up to 3Dives/Day, National Park Fee, Dive guide/Tour Leader, Airport/Hotel transfers to the boat and Island Visit, Kayak.

Price NOT Incld : Airfare ticket, Rental Scuba Diving Gear, Insurance (Must Have), Crew Guide tips, Laundry, Alcohol/Soft Drink.

Please PM or email me if you have any queries.
Selling as a bundle only.
2 X YS-D1with Retra snoot for $1000.

Test and deal at SengKang.
Please email if interested at maxteo98 at

as stated


INON UWL-100 Achromat Wide Conversion Lens Type 1 or 2 

brand new and sealed  from divervision. bought wrongly

asking  S$100 per pc  have 2pcs

interested pls email or PM
Scuba Diving & Related News / PastoDeco 4.8.0 update
« Last post by TheSnake on 23 May 18, 00:48 »
PastoDeco 4.8.0 is now available.

What's new:
* REBREATHERS: In previous version ( 4.7 ) is was already possible to determine the dive max bottom time, with a given deco gas/tanks list.
  Now PastoDeco shows max TTS in normal CCR dive to not exceed to be able, in case of switch to Bailouts at the worst moment, to safely complete the dive ( ascent, deco stops, residual pressure ) and the TTS you would have in Bailout mode.

* Added a rapid VPM conservatism selector in PastoDeco main screen.
  This avoids going into setup menu every time.

* In text RunTime, there is now also residual pressure for each gas at each step of dive, and final pressure.
  ( pressure is in Bars or Psi, depending on actual units selected )

* ICD control
  IF this option is activated, the software checks at each gas swap that PN2 raises in a given max % compared to PHe drop.
  To be less restrictive, limit can be up to 60%.

* Automatic gas selection:
  This function generates a list of deco gasses, always keeping PO2 in a given oxygen window ( PO2 min / PO2 max ).


  IF ICD option is activated in setup menu, gas choice will also take into account this parameter.

* Tanks icons more visibles

* In RunTime consumption lines are differently colored according to residual gas pressure ( green/orange/red )

* some others minors things

Available under Windows, Android, Mac OSX and iOS.

South East Asia / Re: Pulau Weh, Aceh
« Last post by enhanzed on 22 May 18, 18:50 »
just returned from gapang beach area, dived with lumba lumba

The accommodation offered by lumba lumba doesn't come with air con and it can get really hot with lots of insects and mosquito.

i stayed there one night and shifted over to a Marlin resort down the road to the right ( if facing the beach). its cheaper by SGD$10 a day but comes with cooling air con/ fridge / lockable wardrobe and hot water. but of course its not as "resort" stay as the one offered by lumba lumba.

Becareful of the slow ferry from banda aceh cause the timings can be irregular, focus on the fast ferry timings instead ( VIP ticket is SGD$12 iirc)

VIP seating is top deck with lesser people, well worth the extra SGD$4 if im not wrong.

At gapang beach area i noticed that lumbalumba has better dive boats compared to other dive operators in the area ( monster divers , bubble addict).

Diving with lumba lumba is ok, no complains, good Dive masters and staff. But the diving at pulau weh can come with strong currents and IMHO nothing really fantastic. lots of octopus, small fish, moray eels.
South East Asia / Re: Advise for diving in Anilao during July
« Last post by Minayato on 22 May 18, 12:23 »
I'm sure these are exactly my requirements.
Scuba Diving & Related News / Re: PastoDeco 4.7.3 is out
« Last post by Minayato on 22 May 18, 12:22 »
It's great information for those who are looking for these things.
Show Off / Tubbataha Reefs 2018
« Last post by geo88 on 21 May 18, 22:16 »
Short video taken during a Triprific  Diving Trip to Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park onboard MV Solitude One in May 2018.
Shoot with Sony RX100M5 with Nauticam WWL-1.

WhatsApp 81136127 if interested

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