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I hope this is the right section to post this information.

I am selling my website and domain that I have used for over a decade. I mainly used it to make diving holiday reservatons/bookings for my liveaboard operation. It proved to be a successful and enjoyable journey. However, given new priorities in life, I have to close this chapter and sell it.

Domain name :
Age: 12+ years

* Over the 12 years period, I have used different marketing strategies i.e.
- Paid
- SEO organic.
- Print and digital dive magazine,
- Forums and PR sites.

Additionally, there are already some good back links and references linking to the website)

* Recently developed website
- Targets to feature liveaboards and land base diving guest houses in Maldives.
- Able to easily add and/or edit liveaboards schedule

Not much liveaboards / guest houses are added at the moment. As my time is limited.

At the moment not much traffic is there , but given the limited amount of articles and work done it has some good ranking keywords. Also proves it is easily recognised and gets progress ranking .

I believe this could be an interest for anyone who is in dive travel business or to some one who is looking forward to .
Since i have not much time i just put adwords.

If interested in owning this website and domain feel free to send me your offer for me to consider @

If you have any question feel free to ask , happy to share !
Classifieds: Scuba Diving Equipment / WTS Gull Mew Safe Fins
« Last post by ericong on 10 Dec 18, 01:01 »
Selling off a Brand New Gull Mew Safe fins (White)
Size: L
Price: $150 (nego)

Location: East side
Interested please contact 81362446. Thank you
Brand New Shearwater Perdix (Non AI)
Bought on 19 Nov, and got the wrong model, wanted to get the AI version instead.
Never been used
Asking for $1100
Scuba Talk / Looking for a trip to Galapagos
« Last post by Metalgod on 08 Dec 18, 20:38 »
Anyone has a dive schedule to Galapagos in 2019?
Thread closed.
Only left with:

YS-110a: $350 with Fiber Optic cable
Dual Arm Tray: $150
Wetsuit, Fins, Masks etc / Apeks RK3
« Last post by FourToes on 05 Dec 18, 17:28 »
Has anybody used the Apeks RK3 fins before? Thinking of getting a pair for myself.

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I have been living in Singapore for three years now, and diving every chance I get. I put together a guide to share my experience.

my wet suit at the ankle has tear. Probably because of excessive pulling as it was not easy to get into the sealed 3 mm.

Looked a it and it seems to be possible to sew or perhaps using a neoprene glue?
Diving Accessories / Re: Missing BC Hose attachment
« Last post by dmjunkie on 03 Dec 18, 12:52 »

Actually left with only the blade and shield.

Any suggestion?
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