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WhatsApp 81136127 if interested

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WTB - Inon Z-240, please PM.
Classifieds: Scuba Diving Equipment / Apeks XTX 100
« Last post by sibingai on 17 May 18, 20:37 »
scuba regulator.
1st stage & 2nd stage(with hose)
sealed suitable for cold waters
with OMS octopus(with hose)
no spg no bcd inflator hose
Add $156 if want to add Apeks 2gauge(pressure & depth gauge)
All in good condition
Dear Experts

I need some advise.
Just got myself a INON S2000 strobe,m to partner my Sony RX100M2.
For shooting underwater MACRO, please recommend settings.
Of course many would say depend on situation, but a noob like me need some instant tips.
I'm totally new to photography underwater.
Kind folks at shop mentioned F, 1/200 etc etc.
I've heard about these but usually shoot in auto mode but understand also that strobe work best with manual settings.

Thanks to all in advance.
South East Asia / Advise for diving in Anilao during July
« Last post by smurfzzz on 16 May 18, 18:49 »
Hi... im looking to do diving in anilao in july. I understand its the monsoon season, may i ask if its still possible to have 3 dives a day? I read somewhere that diving might be cancel for days due to bad weather. Will appreciate if anyone can help me with the information.
2 x Arm M - S$70.00 Each
1 x Arm S - S$70.00
1 x Z Joint - S$30.00
1 x Single Light Holder LE - S$35.00
1 x Multi Direct Base II - S$40.00
2 x D Holder Extension Bar - S$30.00
1 x Shoe Base Adapter D4 - S$25.00

Sea & Sea
1 x SA8 Camera Tray + Grip, 1 x Extra Grip, 1 x Camera Tray Adapter, 1 x Camera Tray Extension, 2 x Fixed Ball Base - S$350.00 (SET)
1 x Hot Shoe Arm - S$50.00
5 x Grip-Stay S comes with Grip -Stay S Swivel Joints - S$130.00 Each (Good start up kit for point & shoot camera with a single strobe)

Interested parties please whatsapp Keen @ 9816 9336 for viewing at Clementi Ave.5. Low baller will not be entertained :P.
DUP Manual - S$30.00 each
IDC Crew Pack with Teaching Guide and Manuals - S$600.00

No low baller please as price is way below cost ;D. Only sincere buyers will be entertained. Thank you.
Please SMS Keen @ 98169336 if interested....
Scubapro Delta Short Boots (US/10) - (S$25.00)

Mares AvantiQuattro, Black, Open Heel (US/9-11) - (S$120.00)
Scubapro JetSport, Blue, Open Heel (US/5-7) - (S$80.00)
Scubapro Pontenza, Blue, Full Footed (US/7-9) - (S$50.00) **
Scubapro Jet Club, Blue, Full Footed (US/6-7) - (S$40.00) **
ProBlue Tiara 2, Blue, Full Footed (US/11-13) - (S$30.00) **
ProBlue Tiara 2, Yellow, Full Footed (US/3-5) - (S$30.00) **
ProBlue Tiara 2, Orange, Full Footed (US/3-5) - (S$30.00) **
ProBlue Tiara 2, Maroon, Full Footed (US/5-7) - (S$30.00) **
ProBlue Tiara 2, Blue, Full Footed (US/7-9) - (S$30.00) **
ProBlue Swimming Fins, Black, (US/1-3) - (S$15.00) **
** (Only S$200 if you take all Full Footed Fins)

Scubapro Thermal Tec 5mm Male (XS) - (S$220.00)
Mares Flexa 3mm Male (S) - (S$120.00)

Miflex Hoses (Made in UK) (Many other colours available)
Low Pressure Hose 100cm, Carbon, 2pcs - (S$40.00ea)
Low Pressure Hose 90cm, Black - (S$40.00)
Low Pressure Hose 75cm, Black - (S$38.00)
Low Pressure Hose 62cm, Carbon, 2pcs - (S$36.00ea)
Low Pressure Hose 56cm, Black, 2pcs - (S$34.00ea)
Inflator Hose 75cm, Black, 2pcs - (S$38.00ea)
High Pressure Hose 75cm, Black - (S$38.00)

UK HangAir Dryer System - (S$30.00)
Oxycheq Crouch Strap with S/S Ring - (S$10.00)
316 S/S Double Bolt Snap-Size 2, 4pcs - (S$7.00ea)
316 S/S Carabiner-Small, 2pcs - (S$5.00ea)
316 S/S Carabiner-Large, 2pcs - (S$8.00ea)
Apollo Bio-Micro Electrostatic Filter, 2pcs - (S$70.00ea)

No low baller please as price is way below cost 8). Only sincere buyers will be entertained. Thank you.
All above are brand new. Please Google for specs and pics :P. Contact Keen @98169336 for viewing & transaction @ Clementi Ave.5. Thank you!!!
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