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Looking to sell my Poseidon regulator + octopus + SPG for $650. Used less than 20 dives
Reason for selling: Stopped diving for a while
Price: $650 (Price negotiable)
PM me if you're interested in viewing the pics
Mikron Sold
The rest still available

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I'm keen! always dive alone too!
I think what you guys offer is good for me.
Lao liao too. I can still ignore my farsighted, but really need the nearsighted as can't read my Sunto anymore.

Saw a diver with an attached frame with prescription lens outside his mask, which can be angled outward (the shared point is the top line of the mask) when they don't need the lens. Something like old style sunglasses that attached into specs with heavy prescription. Does anybody know the brand / where to get? Googled and Amazoned it but couldn't find any.

Hydrotac Stick On: Any experience to share on sticking it on and using it?

Daiso specs: Good idea - but being not a crafty one with no tool, I am helpless. Can anybody / any shop help me to make this? Will commercially reimburse of course.

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts.
Keen to do it in bali or not? :)
South East Asia / Re: Anilao or Puerto Galera??
« Last post by diver-hloc on 06 Jul 18, 03:48 »
I'll go for Anilao.... if budget is enough.... and you'll be surprise how $$$$ Sabang is....  ;)
Posting on behalf of a Friend who's looking for a working preowned Suunto D6i regardless of aesthetic condition to replace a lost rental one. Kindly PM if u got one to let go!

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