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Selling Scubapro used Jet fin black with spring cord $60 per pair size Large and XL .
Please contact 96922001
I am selling a pretty new TG-5 setup (4 months old). This setup is very good for beginners who want to start up underwater photography. The TG-5 Microscope mode is very good for macro photography that you do not need to use a macro wet lens to shoot critters.

The TG-5 does not come with warranty because it was bought from Amazon.

Looking to sell the entire set for SGD 1000 nett.

Can split the items as follows:
1. Camera + Housing @ SGD850 nett
2. Wide angle lens @ SGD 200 nett

Interested parties can contact me at 9727 6440 for more details.

Olympus Tough TG-5 includes:
1. Camera
2. USB Charging Cable
3. Charging plug (2-pin US)
4. Battery
5. Warranty card (Amazon US)
6. Manual

Seafrog Housing for TG-5 includes:
1. Housing
2. Manual
3. Wrist strap
4. Screen shade
5. Spare O-ring, cleaning cloth, and lubricant
6. Neck strap
7. Anti-fog inserts

The unique features on the Seafrog Housing that outperforms the Olympus original housing are:
1. Depth rated to 60 meters
2. Double threaded front 52mm & 67mm
3. Dual O-ring seals with Leak Detector

4. Dual fiber optic ports on the side so that the cables do not cross path with the lens

Disclaimer: There is a small spot on the housing front glass, but I did a test shot with the camera in the housing and the spot cannot be seen in the picture.

Test shot:

Wide Angle Wet Correctional Dome:

Sample underwater shots taken with this setup and strobes (For macro shots, no lens was used):
Wide angle



Still up for sale
South East Asia / Re: How to dive Nusa Penida
« Last post by driver123 on 24 Nov 18, 17:29 »
The island of Nusa is one of the most beautiful island ever. Consists of 3 islands Nusa Pedina - Nusa Lembongan - Nusa Ceningan The Nusa Islands are located on the east coast of Bali, Indonesia.
Hello, I have a few tips on how to write a review. If any mistake. I'm sorry to apologize in advance.
SINGAPORE: A Singaporean doctor has died after diving near Indonesia's Bali island on Wednesday (Sep 6) morning.

According to an online report by Indonesian daily Bali Post, Dr Wong Yu Yi was diving at Bali's Padangbai with a guide and two others at around 9am.
Singapore & Malaysia / Singapore to Perhentian islands
« Last post by jchantw on 23 Nov 18, 12:45 »
Hi all,

Has anyone been to Perhentian islands to dive recently? I've checked n there's no bus operators going from Singapore to Kuala Trengganu now anymore.. can anyone share your lobangs to go up to Perhentian? Thanks a lot!
South East Asia / How to dive Nusa Penida
« Last post by on 21 Nov 18, 11:44 »
Nusa Penida, Bali offers some amazing diving experiences. Here is an article discussing some of the many ways to dive Nusa Penida.
Looking to sell the above:

YS-01: $250 with Fiber Optic cable
YS-110a: $350 with Fiber Optic cable
Dual Arm Tray: $150
Hi, looking for the above. Pls PM me if you wish to sell.

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