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Booked with them for 2 divers in November 2018. Paid the 6000 THB deposit (which incurred a 4% fee which equates to 240 THB)
3 days before the trip, was advised via email that they had to cancel the trip, giving the excuse "not able to confirm the trip". Offered to rebook me on to other trips (two of which departed the following day, one departing 5 days later) which I was unable to make. Regretfully I had to ask for a refund.
This is where the nightmare begins.
Was advised that the refund will take 1-2 weeks to come. When asked about the 4% fee, they said it's "not under their control and will refund 6000 THB back.".
It gets worse.
No where in the email correspondence between them and I mentioned that will charge a 300 THB "refund fee". Colour me surprised when I received an email telling me I'm refunded 5700 THB.
I might add that this process and progress for the refund was mainly initiated by me. Numerous emails were left unanswered by members of staff and I only managed to get hold of them after messaging them on Facebook.
Refund was claimed to be initiated on the 6th Nov 2018, only received the refund on the 1st Jan 2019. Clearly a week in Khao Lak goes a bit longer than the rest of the world.
TL;DR (Although you should really read it): I paid various parties a total of 540 THB for Khao Lak Scuba Adventures to hold 6000 THB for a period of 2 months, while leaving me scrambling to make alternative plans (and incurring further rescheduling charges) for a holiday gone very wrong.
I have dived the Similans before and clearly wanted to dive it again, this time with a friend. However I will certainly be taking my business to another operator who seems more keen in customer retention, by not making guests pay for inconvenience as a result of decisions made by the operator.
I do not understand what you mentioned.

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Many thanks to all the experience people for helping.

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I am going in Aug to dive in Bali

South East Asia / Re: How to dive Nusa Penida
« Last post by punsikorn on 26 Dec 18, 16:20 »
Thanks for the post :D
Letting a new, unused MK25 first stage only @ $550. Note that it is the standard MK25 and NOT the evo version.
For sale:
1. Panasonic LX100
- 4/3-inch High-sensitivity MOS Sensor
- F1.7-2.8 24-75mm
- 4k video capability

2.  Meikon W/U housing for LX100
-  for LX100 - up to 40m / 130ft

Camera & housing used for 1 dive trip (4 dives).

Looking to sell at $650.

Classifieds: Scuba Diving Equipment / WTS: Suunto Dive Computers
« Last post by resenence on 21 Dec 18, 19:32 »
I am selling Suunto Dive Computers (On sale for this month) and other Diving equipment, do check out my carousell profile if you are interested.

They come with 2 years warranty. Thank you
Selling off my old fins. Scratches but in working condition.
Size: One Size, with adjustable straps
Weight: 875 Grams
Length: 53 cm
Blade Width: 19.1 cm
Foot Pocket Width: 95 cm
Foot Pocket height: 85 cm

Selling at $40. Whatsapp me at +65 91014526

Right fin before I cleaned off my markings with a remover and left fin with the markings removed:
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