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Just did full servicing and tuning and haven't been to the sea. Well used so full of scratches but work perfectly well. These are work horses. Comes with NEW standard length Miflex hoses.

Total 2 sets
S$400 @
Diving Accessories / Re: SMBs and price
« Last post by BillBurning on 28 Jun 18, 15:29 »
Both are of similar size and worked about the same way
As titled, I'm looking for fellow divers who want to head out to nearby sites for dive trips.

I fully intend to take up AOW soon, any takers?
Me! As I always dive alone. Hahaha

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As titled, I'm looking for fellow divers who want to head out to nearby sites for dive trips.

I fully intend to take up AOW soon, any takers?
Scuba Diving & Related News / PastoDeco 4.9.0
« Last post by TheSnake on 27 Jun 18, 15:13 »
PastoDeco 4.9.0 dive decompression planner is now available.
What's new:

For rebreathers now it's possible to define a SAC multiplier for the first bailout gas. This takes into account the increased gas consumption in a emergency situation.
The app calculates automatically, for the first bailout a SAC rate x 2.5 ( example in picture ), then a normal SAC rate for the others.

BEST MIX CCR button.
This works as per OC dives, limiting PpO2 and PpN2, but also considering that in case of high PpO2 you can make an efficient diluent flush.
Added END incication when choosing gasses.

Now it's possible to export the Runtime in PDF format

Now it's possible to export the Runtime in CSV format ( to be edited in Excel, OpenOffice, Numbers on Mac, etc. )
It's possible to show a popup windows remembering CNS/OTU table

Bubble check function has been moved into generals settings (SETUP MENU), because now you can use it for both OC/CCR dives.

PastoDeco uses Metric/Imperials units.
Languages availables: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Polish, German, Greek, Turkish, Dutch, Korean.

Windows and OSX versions, and PDF manuals are available on my website:

Andoid and iOS versions are availables on PlayStore and App Store.
Mass Order / Group Purchase / Re: MO from DGE...
« Last post by daniel.beh on 26 Jun 18, 18:08 »
I need to get some stuff from DGE, i'm willing to conduct an MO in case anyone else needs to get some items from there.

PM me if you're interested and we'll see if we can get an MO going!
Everywhere Else / Re: Red Sea LOB
« Last post by smurfzzz on 26 Jun 18, 12:01 »
I did LOB with Emperor Divers. Their price is super reasonable but accommodation and food and service is top notch.

If you have more time, you can look for LOB that extends to Sudan.

I'm going Djibouti for  diving this Dec, also close to Red Sea for whale diving.
Classifieds: Scuba Diving Equipment / Spools
« Last post by teekenghock on 26 Jun 18, 08:20 »
WhatsApp 81136127 if interested

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UP for the weekend!
Listed is a complete Suunto D9TX kit with a full titanium bracelet, cable and transmitter. Minor scuffs from normal use. Watch was serviced about a month ago with new seals, back case screws, strap screws and battery. Transmitter was used only on a few dives. The kit is ready to go.
Slightly negotiable.

Low ballers please stay away. This is a precision instrument.

Reason for selling - not diving as much anymore. Underutilized.

Meet up preferably in AMK. Please contact me for a time. Rather flexible but life gets in the way sometimes.

Please follow this link for pictures.

Looking at $1500 for the set.

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