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Diving Safety, First Aid & Travel Issues / Diving after Stroke
« Last post by marcob on 15 Dec 17, 09:29 »
Would like to get information on diving after a stroke - so far the information I've found via googling are based overseas.

Has anyone here returned to diving after a stroke episode? Does a person have to go to a doctor specialising in dive medicine to get clearance?
South East Asia / Re: Bali dec. what are the chances?
« Last post by Diverman on 15 Dec 17, 08:51 »
Tulamben was opened to divers the next few days but no staying.
Totally awesome vis but I must say the wreck has seen better days and no longer as before.
A mere 10odd divers around us down from the usual 100-200, and dive guide Agus mentioned the numbers have been a dismay.bought some sounvenirs,pointer And tee from the peddling dude.
Back to Amed for more dives today and then heading southwards.
Good day.

Everywhere Else / Okinawa
« Last post by Jaryl on 14 Dec 17, 08:30 »
Planning a week in Jan.  Anyone has any recommendations for dive centre, dive site, hotel, car rental, restaurants, etc. ?

Thanks in advance!
Dive Trip Schedule / Re: Dive and Drive in Okinawa - Early Dec
« Last post by Jaryl on 14 Dec 17, 08:28 »
Going in Jan.  May I ask which company you went diving with or if you have any recommendations?

South East Asia / Re: Bali dec. what are the chances?
« Last post by Diverman on 13 Dec 17, 22:33 »
Quiet town.. most holiday makers cancelled their stay hence left with only a couple of visitors.
Really quiet start as we make our first dive at Amed.calm but vis cloudy and at max 8m.
Tulamben tmlo and more.....have a good evening!
South East Asia / Re: Bali dec. what are the chances?
« Last post by Diverman on 13 Dec 17, 12:37 »
Midway to Amed :)
Cool driver picked up and coastal road is awesome with temp 28-30.
Yeah. Quieter airport and my flight is only 60% filled..
Will do a quick lunch and head for a first check out dive.
Possibly only 2 dives for first dAy..
Tulamben tmlo early morning and perhaps may end up Padang bai.

Heading out of sgp is a joy, everything else is bonus :)
Dear all

Thanks for interest, cam sold to nice lady
South East Asia / Re: Bali dec. what are the chances?
« Last post by fusionx99 on 11 Dec 17, 20:50 »
dates is drawing close.thanks to all the suggestions.
Will proceed as planned, according to the ground from the resort, Amed dive sites is AOK, and diving is still ongoing full-force.
Will also proceed to dive Tulamben but not for lodgings, say so the operators.
AquaMarine, will give u guys a visit should things make a turn.
FusionX99>how did ur trip went.

All anxious & excited about the trip!
thanks guys, Padang bai is also in the list...ubud and Kuta for chill.
If there is anything i shouldnt miss, pls update me, from surf shop factory outlet shopping to makan!!!

Hello! I am in lombok, now....
Every thing seems quiet coming back on the 13th, tml diving in south gilis....

Actually heard from my friend in bali, he is a guide there....amed still can dive not too sure tulamben.

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Classifieds: Scuba Diving Equipment / Gently use dive computer
« Last post by btan63 on 11 Dec 17, 18:37 »
Sherwood Perdix, Technical Dive Computer with Bluetooth, only use 2 dive. With box. $1k.

WhatsApp 96191421
Origin: Made in USA
Brand/Model: Scubapro Twinjet
Size: Small
Price: SGD120

  • Selling away my fins as retiring from diving. Used for about 20 dives and condition still as good as new. Come with spring straps for easy gearing up.
  • Some scratches around fins but not noticeable and does not impact performance. This fins is durable and good to fight currents. Best split fins ever made, in my opinion.
  • Feel free to ask me questions. Please don't lowball me. No frill meet up to view fins (Jurong East or Chinese Garden mrt. Orchard or City Hall on weekends).

Email me at to deal. Thanks.


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