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I'm finally doing an upgrade to my UW Camera. I'm looking forward a pre-loved Sea&Sea YS-01 or Inon S2000 or equivalent.

If you have one to let go, please whatsapp me  @ 964378-One-Eight.

Thank you!
Trip Reports & Reviews / Kurabesi Explorer
« Last post by nikefreekz on 27 Sep 18, 11:50 »
Anyone been onboard the Kurabesi Explorer? Pls share your thoughts :-)
Scuba Diving Sipadan, Mabul, and Kapalai

The tiny islands of Sipadan, Mabul, and Kapalai are known around the world for having some of the best scuba diving anywhere on earth. If you are looking for a spot that showcases the best of what scuba diving in Asia has to offer, Sipadan, Mabul, and Kapalai is the trip for you.
Everywhere Else / Re: Red Sea LOB
« Last post by Mickey on 24 Sep 18, 18:44 »
We think this is a great channel for providing useful information.
Scuba Diving & Related News / Re: System used in your Dive Center.
« Last post by Mickey on 24 Sep 18, 18:44 »
We are looking forward to this useful information in order to further guide others.
South East Asia / Re: Dive Trip with Toddler?
« Last post by Jaryl on 24 Sep 18, 16:45 »
Can try places like Phuket of Krabi that have beach resorts.  Your parents may be able to hang out on the beach with your kid, watch the rock-climbers, go to the kid's club, etc.
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South East Asia / Re: Dive Trip with Toddler?
« Last post by fusionx99 on 23 Sep 18, 17:25 »
Hi all

My wife and I are looking at the possibility of doing a short dive trip and would be bringing our 18 month toddler and parents along.

We were wondering if anyone would have experience doing this and can share any advice. Example dive location and logistic to take note of, etc would be helpful.

Thank you very much.

Hi Bro,

Try those diving destinations that have minimum traveling hassle.

Most places DCs have direct transfer, meaning they fetch you from airport to DC directly. If some DCs located at an island you need to take a boat over might be abit of hassle if you got a toddler.

A few places which you can dive at main land

Example - Bali or Anilao.......... but traveling timing atleast 3 hrs from airport

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Everywhere Else / Parking @ Mersing
« Last post by fusionx99 on 21 Sep 18, 14:53 »
I personally like Labas cos there are quite a few long swim throughs. Chebeh is nice too. Malang Rock for the corals. There is a new wreck near renggis. Can check it out.

And really depends where u stay.... There are divers who like to stay at Juara for macro staff. Heard Shawn The Sheep can be found there.

Ohh Thanks! Btw must important question? Is tioman monsoon coming? Planning to go from 7 - 11 of Oct. Will be diving with TRD, heard that we can choose the dive sites. Haha

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